Sunday, September 18, 2011

Almost my momma's boiled cabbage and sausage "soup"

Almost.  The main difference being that I used turkey smoked sausage and she always used the real deal smoked sausage.  She also added potatoes to her cabbage soup.  While it was amazingly delicious (my mom was an AMAZING cook), her version definitely wasn't as friendly to the waistline as my version is.  :-)

It's really quite simple (y'all know by now, simple is how I roll~!  :-)

3/4 head of cabbage, chopped
1 package (any brand you like) turkey smoked sausage
2 cups reduced sodium beef broth (you could use chicken broth, veggie broth, etc.--I just happened to have beef broth on hand so that's what I used)
Water (enough to just cover the cabbage after you've added the broth)
Salt, Pepper, garlic powder to taste

Start by cutting the sausage into coins like so....

Spray a large cooking pot (I ended up having to upgrade) and add the sausage to the pot.  Let it brown up a bit before you add the rest of the ingredients.

While that's going, get your cabbage chopped up.  There will be TONS of it.  What is it about cabbage that makes it EXPAND so much when it gets cut into?  

NEVER ending cabbage, lol~!

Okay, now that the sausage is browned up a bit, add 2 cups of beef broth (or which ever type of broth you prefer) to the pot....

Then, add the cabbage....(Note the much bigger pot in the new pics below!  I was QUICKLY reminded just how much cabbage I was working with~!!)

Add seasonings...salt, pepper, garlic powder....I just eyeballed it.  I like my cabbage spicy so I went heavy on the black pepper.  :-)

Stir it all together, set the heat to medium low and let it cook away.  I left mine on the stove for at least an hour.  Quite frankly I got busy with homework (this semester of grad school is kicking my ACE!) and forgot about it so I am really not sure how long it was on....but it wasn't any longer than two hours, I'd say! 

When I went back into the kitchen I found a nice hearty warm pot of goodness waiting for me!

Now, if you notice I put the work "soup" in fancy little quotations.  Why, you ask?  Well, because although you need liquid to cook the cabbage and it is perfectly fine to leave the liquid in after cooking, I like my cabbage "dry" if you will.  So, I drained the liquid off before I divided it up into 1 cup servings...

Yes, okay...this cup has some broth in it.  This is one that I was
testing the taste of the cabbage before I finished cooking it!

I got 12 cups out of the whole pot!  I see lots of cabbage eating in my future!  LOL.  :-) 

So, until next time...hope you try it, hope you like it!

Lots of Love,


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