Thursday, June 23, 2011

BBQ Porkloin w/ oven roasted sweet onions!

So, ya...I would love to tell ya that I made this one all by myself from scratch, but I'd be lying if I did!  This one was simple, but oh so good!  When I went grocery shopping last week I was looking for things that are low carb, high protein.  I need to shed a few pounds that I have gained recently and then continue losing until I hit goal so I am trying to go more low carb than usual.  So, naturally I was in the meats section and I stumbled upon the pork loins.  I've tried a few of em in my time and I've even gotten plain ones and flavored them myself at home.  This time though, I went with the Mesquite BBQ.

All I had to do was open it and pop it into a roaster pan.  I also cut up a sweet onion and placed them around the pork loin to roast them.  Gave the dish a little extra flavor.  :-)

Bake in the oven per the package directions.  I made this almost a week ago so at this point I don't remember exactly what that was!  LOL.  Once it was done, I put it under the broiler on HI for about 5-7 minutes to give it a nice brown char and to help the onions along a little more....

You KNOW it looks good! 

Like I said, simple yet oh so good!  A few days later I still had it sitting in my fridge (the part I hadn't ate yet, anyway) so I cut it up into chunks and browned it with some cooking spray.  Gave it a new layer of flavor, YUM! 

Till next time...

Lots of Love,

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