Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ground Chicken Taco Lettuce Wraps

I stumbled across the idea for this on when I was blog browsing the other day.  As much as I'd like to say I've been doing well and that I've gotten back on track, I can't...b/c I haven't.  I have still been struggling very badly to eat right.  On top of that, over the past couple of weeks I've been struggling to maintain my exercise routines.  So, tonight I was driving home from a Zumba planning meeting and I was SO tempted to just go to taco bell.  But, in the end, I resisted.  I HAVE to get back on track.  I HAVE to gain back control, get a grip, and stop this vicious cycle.  I know that that means taking things one day, one step, one choice at a time.  So, instead of driving thru, I came home and made this for dinner....

1lb ground chicken
1/4 cup chopped onion
taco seasoning to taste
shredded cheese
sour cream

Easy as can be:  cook chicken with chopped onion; add taco seasoning and cook through...

Assemble wraps:

 Eat and enjoy!  I am very pleased that I chose to have this instead of crappy calorie and fat loaded taco bell.  MUCH better choice.  :-)

So, here's to taking it one step, one day, one choice at a time and remembering to BREATHE.  As I am doing this blog, I am reminded that I have SO many incredible resources, supports, and abilities to eat GOOD and HEALTHY every single day. I have a gazzilion and one weight loss friendly why haven't I been using them?  UGH! IDK why, but I am going to get back to cooking at home and using ALL of the tools and resources that are available to me.  I am super scared of failing and my confidence is low right now, but I know that I MUST get it together...NOW!  I will be making a roasted chicken in the crock pot this week and I also want to make a frittata soon.  I will try to blog more often as well.  Anything I can do to keep myself on track and focused.Prayers are going up and positive self-talk is in full force....GET IT TOGETHER, AUTUMN!

Till next time...

Lots of love,

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