Monday, December 26, 2011

Peppermint Brownie "Truffle"

So, a couple of months back, a close and dear friend of mine (hi, Shannon <3) introduced me to a new website called  (check the site out at  I have been hooked since!!  Katie, from dashingdish is not a WLS'er, but she is a person who puts focus on leading a healthy, active, and fulfilling life led by God.  She is drop dead beautiful (totally random, but so true) and very inspirational~!  Her website is FULL of TONS of great information, tips, tricks, recipes, etc that ANYONE can use.  I just love her site...check it out...if you haven't already come across her site, I am telling you, she's one to add to the favorites list and on your FB feed!  Just last night I made a banana protein "milkshake"  using her method.  Oh-EM-JEEEBUS, let me tell you, it was awesome.  It was seriously just like having a milkshake....but with ZERO guilt and TONS of protein!  As far as I can see, there is no going wrong with that!!

So, anyway...During the month of December, Katie shared a series of deserts for the Christmas holiday...her 12 Days of Christmas desert ideas.  ALL of them look amazing and I am sure I will venture to making at least some (if not all) of them at some point....I am a sweets kinda girl.   I just have to have reasons to make things like desserts...reasons that mean I have to take it some where...get it out of my house and therfore out of my some type of gathering...where there are more people... other than myself... that can eat that I don't eat it... myself (aye, aye, aye...I digress, LOL).

It just so happened that, at work, my division had selected days where each unit brought in things to feed everyone for the holidays.  We did it this way this year as opposed to having one big blow out Christmas party.  Now, this idea was a good one and most people LOVED it.  BUT, it was super difficult for me (and I am sure anyone else that struggles with food issues and trying to eat right) because FOOD...lots and lots of unhealthy, fattening, sugar loaded, waist expanding food was in my face for days upon days upon days.  Luckily, I was able to resist the temptation most days.  There was only one day where I indulged in some chocolate dipped pretzels....they were so good...I couldn't resist...and of course on the day my team brought in food, I ate.  Other than that...I played by the rules~!!  :-)

Anyway, my unit was the last unit up and each of us decided on what dish to bring.  I opted to make one of Katie's dishes, the Peppermint Brownie Truffle.  I changed a couple of things up from Katie's recipe.  Check hers out at.... and then take a look at my version.  Either way you make it, this is a great dish...a great SUGAR FREE dish!!

1 box Pillsbury sugar free chocolate fudge brownie mix
1 large egg
1 box sugar free chocolate pudding mix
1 box sugar free white chocolate pudding mix
2 cups milk (whatever version you use)
1 small container plain Greek yogurt (I used Oikos)
2 (8oz) containers sugar free cool whip
Peppermint Paddy sugar free syrup (or use peppermint extract like Katie did)
Peppermint crystals/sprinkles (the ONLY thing is this entire recipe that is not sugar free--you can omit them if you want---wait, that might not be a totally true statement---does milk and greek yogurt have sugar in it?  I dunno...but you get my drift...)  :-)
6-8 pieces of sugar free caramel mint Werther's candies, crushed

Start by prepping and mixing the brownie mix and baking the brownies.  Put the mix, one egg,  a few splashes of peppermint paddy syrup (I didn't measure...just eyeballed what I thought would work) and the Greek yogurt into your mixing bowl.  Blend together until mixed well....

I used almost the whole thing of yogurt...
there was maybe 2 tablespoons left in the container...
its safe to just use the whole thing!

Then, spray whatever baking sheet/pan you are going to use with non-stick cooking spray.  For this recipe, I used to small, round baking pans so the brownies would be thin...

Pour the batter into the pans and bake according to package instructions:  Keep an eye on them...they get done quick~!

While the brownies are baking/cooling, you can be prepping the rest of the goodies!

In two separate, large sized bowls, mix each pudding mix with only ONE cup of milk.  This step is important---do not follow the instructions on the box...just one cup of milk...that's it!  The pudding will get VERY thick as you stir and as it sets up.  Once each bowl of pudding is thick and set up, gently fold in to each bowl, one container of SF cool whip. Also, at this step add a couple of splashes of the peppermint paddy syrup to the chocolate pudding mix (NOTE: ONLY THE CHOCOLATE PUDDING MIX, NOT THE WHITE CHOCOLATE).  :-) 

See how THICK that pudding looks....that's normal for this recipe!

Then, for the fun of it...toss in some of the peppermint crystals/sprinkles into the WHITE CHOCOLATE pudding mix.... its gives it a nice peppermint pink color!!

Then, now that the brownies are cooled off (I took a short cut and removed them from the pans and placed them on plates and popped them in the fridge while I mixed up the puddings), cut the brownies into small, bite sized pieces.  Get a nice glass dish or trifle bowl to assemble the dish in.  I happened to have a pretty glass dish that my sister gave me a few months ago that worked perfectly for this!

Assemble the dish in your bowl by layers.  Start with a layer of the chocolate mint pudding, followed by brownies (spread out), then white chocolate pudding, then brownies, then chocolate mint pudding, brownies...and so on.  You want the last layer to be the white chocolate pudding.  Then, sprinkle some of the peppermint crystals/sprinkles on top and crush up the Werther's sugar free caramel mint candies and sprinkle those on top too!

Isn't it perty, ya'll?!?!?

I took it to work on the day my unit was assigned for treats day and the bowl was cleared out!  Everyone said it was good, too.  The best part?!?!  NO ONE knew it was sugar free!  When I told them, they were shocked! 

So, give it a try...its a simple and easy and WLS friendly dish...or for anyone trying to watch what you eat!  Sugar free means less calories and less fat than traditional sugar loaded (for lack of a better way to put it!!) stuff!   

Till next time....

Lots of Love,


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