Thursday, February 24, 2011

French-Honey Grilled Chicken Tenders

Quick, easy, good; low in calories, high in protein! My kinda meal~!

So, I bought a pack of fresh chicken tenders a few weeks ago.  One night as I was laying in bed watching tv, suddenly this idea hit me... I dont remember what inspired it, but it's definitely a keeper!

Ingredients: (one serving)
4 oz fresh chicken tenders
1tbsp sugar free imitation honey
1tbsp kraft free french style dressing

I put the chicken in a little 8oz tupper ware bowl.  Added the dressing and honey, stirred it up well.  Then, let it sit in the fridge until I got home later that night, probably about 8-10 hours.

Got home, heated the "foreman" grill (Hamilton Beach brand) for five minutes.  Then, put the chicken on and cooked it for about 7 minutes. 

The results.... it was good!  Very moist and juicy!


Hope you try it, hope you like it!

Till next time...

Lots of Love,


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