Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scope Results

For those of you wondering... I posted previously about getting a scope done because we (my surgeon and I) thought I had an ulcer.  Allow me to tell you about that day.
My sister drove to the hospital and dropped me off.  For some reason, I thought I'd be there for a while, but it turned out I wasnt so she basically had to turn right back around to come and pick me up....well almost.  She had time to get home and shower and then she had to come back and get me. 

Any hoo---so I got thru registration and waited for them to call my name.  The nurse, Susan, came to get me and took me back to my "prep and recovery" room.  She got everything ready to go and another nurse, whose name I cant remember, came in and drew what seemed like a gabazillion tubes of blood from me (it was only 2 oz all together) for my two years labs.  I am still waiting to hear the results of those...

Then, I got wheeled to the operation room on the fancy hospital bed (that was fun, lol).  Once in there, I was hooked up to the oxygen and we waited for the doc to come in.  The nurse explained to me that they would give me meds to put me to sleep and one that would have an amnesia affect on me.  The last thing I remember is one of the nurses putting the mouth guard in.  The rest of the day was foggy, at best...lemme tell ya---that medicine works!  They tell me I spoke with the doc after my procedure....ZERO memory of that. 

So anyway...the results....I do NOT have an ulcer.  That's good and not so good.  Good that I dont have an ulcer because, well, that's just good.  Not so good because now I dont know why I have had chest pain (3x since surgery--almost 2 years out) and a burning sensation in my pouch every now and then.  I am waiting on my doc to follow up with me to see what he wants to do next.  I should probably call him, but truth be told...I dont want to and right now I dont have time to deal with it.

Here is a pic of what I was given from the procedure.  Due to the lack of memory, I am not totally sure what each view is or means, other than I dont have an ulcer....I will talk to my surgeon about this whenever I get to see him. Sorry if this is gross to look at for some of you, but for us post-ops and maybe even pre-ops it's cool to see what our "insides" look like post-op.

Weird looking, isnt it?

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