Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Easy Peezy Cheesy Texas Chicken Pockets

Last week I was at my part time job and stumbled across this little recipe card.  I work in the office and we often get recipes attached to the coupons.  It was a recipe for Chicken Parmesan Turnovers.  It calls for: rotisserie chicken (shredded), canned diced Italian tomatoes, shredded mozz cheese, shredded parm cheese, and refrigerated crescent roll dough.  Easy as 1-2-3 to throw together.  Shred chicken, drain tomatoes, unroll crescent dough (keeping in squares).  Top each square with chicken, tomatoes, and cheese.  Fold over and seal on all sides.  Bake according to crescent roll directions (9-11 minutes at 375).  Could not be easier.

So, I went to the store to get the things necessary to make the chicken parm turnovers, but I ended up going a slightly different route. Instead of diced Italian tomatoes I picked up a can of fire-roasted tex mex tomatoes.  I got reduced fat crescent dough, an Italian cheese blend, and the chicken.  Followed the same basic steps for putting them together and baking them.   Verdict: they are good.  and filling.  Changing the tomatoes definitely changed the taste and this version is not chicken parm-y.  They have a nice kick to them from the tex mex tomatoes, full of juicy chicken, and warm gooey cheesy goodness!

Note: The crescent roll dough may not be 100% bariatric friendly.  However, my pouch is okay with it.  A better option would be to make some pocket dough using carbquick or the atkins baking mix.  I was just too lazy to do that happens...

The ingredients...

 One of em filled me right up!  I just stored the remaining tomatoes in a tupper ware bowl, the dough is in a baggie and the chicken will come in handy later in the week for some quick go-to lunches!!

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