Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quick and yummy lunch

I am on vacation this week so I am in leisure mode! Just got back from the gym and needed to eat.  So, I had a beef and bacon filet and some salad mix in the fridge.  Threw the salad together with a bit of shredded cheese, sliced roma tomato, S&P, garlic powder, and fat free french dressing.  Pulled out the good ole "George Foreman" grille (mine is a Hamilton Beach, but it works just the same) and grilled up the filet in five minutes and wha-la!  This is a beef filet and it is good, but does have a higher fat content than the turkey and bacon filets. Normally, I get the turkey filets, but I couldn't find any the other day during my grocery trip.  Nonetheless, this was a super yummy, protein packed under 10 minutes!  That's my kinda cookin!!! :-)


  1. Where do you get these beef filets. I like the idea of them being already protioned out. That is a huge downfall for both my husband and myself.

  2. The beef ones are at Aldi grocery store. Wal-mart has turkey filets that are super moist and good!

  3. Thanks Autumn!! I was glad to find your blog. I am struggling right now and it's nice to see what other people are eating. It helps give me new ideas and inspiration. Otherwise I find myself falling back on old habits and not so great food choices.