Friday, December 31, 2010

Sweet Cinnamon "Sugar" Apples

I kept my great niece and nephews last night (just 3 of em--there's 8 total).  We had fun--went to the last night of Christmas at the Zoo with a friend of mine and her family. My plan was to just take Gauge b/c yesterday was his 12th birthday. But, when the other two heard about my plans to take him, suddenly that plan was void and they were coming!  It turned out to be a pretty fun night! 

This morning I woke up before them (which is not the norm) and decided to make them some breakfast.  I made some scrambled eggs topped with cheese along with some chorizo sausage.  I bought some chorizo sausage the other day at Aldi. I've been hearing about it for some time now and have kind of been interested in trying it.  I've made it a couple times now and personally, I don't care for it.  It's really greasy and has a high fat content so it's not really worth it to me...and it has a weird texture that I just can't deal with.  The kids liked it.  I was really surprised by that b/c I did not think they would...but expect the unexpected, right?  So, anyway.  I also had some apples sittin on the counter that have been there for a while now and needed to be used.  So, I made some sweet cinnamon "sugar" apples.  I used:

4 apples, chopped (I kept the peels on, which gave some 'crunch', but you can peel it off if you want)
1/2 cup Davinci Sugar Free Pancake syrup (caramel, vanilla, butterscotch, whatever you like will work)
3/4 cup calorie free sweetener (I used kroger brand splenda--use whatever kind works for you)
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Stir everything together and heat over medium heat until apples are tender.  Verdict:  They are gooood! The kids loved them. :-)

Now for the pics:
Breakfast basics:

On the stove cooking away

Close up of the apples cooking...

Our plates...yes, the small batman plate is what I used! 

Gauge, Hunter, & EJ...eatin the yumminess right off their plates!

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