Saturday, January 8, 2011

Autumn's deviled eggs

Not just for holidays, deviled eggs are a great go-to snack that offer a good dose of protein.  I am focused on making my goal weight and I am working hard to make good food choices.  So, I have been trying to keep healthy, protein packed snacks on hand.  I like to hard boil eggs and keep them in the fridge.  They make for a good breakfast (on the days I force myself to eat breakfast--I have never been a breakfast eater and my pouch, well, it takes after it's momma!) and they save me when I get them dag-nabbin night time "must eat even when I ain't hungry" attacks. I try with all my might to ignore those urges, but sometimes I just cant.  So, when I do give in, I try to make it a good choice.  I haven't always done that, but again...I am back on track, back to basics, and focused on my goals~!  It feels good to be doing well again and I know I will have some speed bumps along the way, as we all do, but I am determined to be successful at this.  I REFUSE to let my weight beat me. REFUSE.  I am determined to be Fat No More!  That's the book I am reading right now, by Gail Engebretson.   She also has a website....  The book is such an easy read and is a great tool for pre and post-op peeps!  Check it out on amazon or whatever book site you use.  It is WELL worth the $20.

So anyhoo...back to the deviled eggs.  There is nothing special about my recipe. I use the basic ingredients, probably just the same as most of you....looks a lil sumphin like this...

7 eggs
FF mayo--about 2tbsp--eyeball it and adjust as needed
mustard--about 2tbsp--eyeball it and adjust as needed
pickles--about 1/4 cup--eyeball it and adjust to your taste, chopped
S&P--to taste
Paprika, optional

To hard boil the eggs do this:  Put the eggs in a pot & cover with cold water. Put the pot on the stove, crank the heat to the highest HIGH it will go to.  Once the water starts to rapidly boil turn the timer on for FIVE minutes, keeping the heat cranked.  Once the timer goes off, remove the eggs from the heat, cover with lid and set the timer for EIGHT minutes.  Once the 8 minute timer goes off, drain the hot water off the eggs and run cold water over the eggs until the water stays cold.  Let the eggs sit in the cold water for at least 15 minutes.  This will give you perfectly hard boiled eggs, with no green in the yolk!! 

The eggs boiling....

The boiled eggs taking a cold bath!  :-)

Meanwhile, put the mayo and mustard into a bowl and chop the's a pic to give you an idea of how much I used:
Um, it's kinda hard to see the FF mayo, but it's there...right next the mustard! I swear!

Clearly, the next goal would be to get the pickles into the bowl.  Then add your salt and pepper--like so:
Now you can see the mayo, right?

Once the eggs have cooled, peel them and give them a rinse to be sure all of the egg shell is gone....cuz no one wants a little shell with their egg, no one!  Then, slice eggs in half, like so:
Notice the PERFECTLY yellow yolks!  :-)

Then, very gently, pop the yolks out of each egg using a small spoon.  As you pop each one out, put them into the bowl with the mayo, mustard, pickles, S&P...

Use a fork to break up the yolks and then use a spoon to stir the mixture together really well...

Using the same small spoon you used to pop the yolks out, stuff a heaping spoon full of the mixture into each egg. Sprinkle each one with paprika (optional) and wha-la!

Yummy, yummy, yummy in your tummy, tummy, tummy!

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