Saturday, January 8, 2011

My first trip to Trader Joe's...

...Was interesting...LOL.  Wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. I have just imagined it to be a health food store, but it's not. They have everything....healthy and not-so-healthy.  The other thing I didn't expect is how small the store space was and how not so aware of personal space some people can be, but I won't get into that... 

My reason for going was to get Peanut Flour to use for protein shakes and some other recipes I have seen on the blogs I follow.  Yes, I will be posting on those things soon!  I am SUPER stoked to try the peanut butter protein balls that I saw on  the other day.  I just learned about that site the other day when Nik put it on FB so I am still working my way thru it, but so far it is AWESOME!  :-)

While I was there, I scored a couple of other things that I am crazy excited about:

The top left is the peanut flour. I will be using that tonight to make me a protein shake.  I want to try Shelly's Elvis Shake (, but I forgot to get some bacon bits....I know it sounds crazy, but I bet that will be SO good. I think when I make mine, I am going to add some of the bits into the blender and let them whiz with the rest of the yumminess! I am thinking I will be making another run to Wal-Mart tonight!

The top right is a box of Grilled Chicken Burgers!  Very simply, all that is in them is chicken thigh meat, water, onion, salt, lemon concentrate, granulated garlic, and black pepper!  They look SO good and the stats are AWESOME!  One patty has 160 calories, 5 g fat, <1 carb, 0 sugars, and 25g protein!!!  There are four of them in the box and they cost $3.99...that my friends, is wonderful~!  I can't wait to try one---and you already know that when I do, there will most certainly be a posting about them---, but I am gonna have to wait...cuz I got full from the crazy good PROTEIN BARS that I discovered on my trip!

I gave up on eating protein bars a long time ago.  Just couldn't find one that I liked.  A couple of them I could get started on, but after a few chews I would start to gag.  Ugh, not fun.  So, I just left that alone.  As I was wondering through TJ's browsing, I came across their selection of protein bars.  Some of them were a joke!  Way too much sugar and hardly any protein.  But two of the brands caught my eyes...Think Thin and Atkins. 

I've tried some of the Atkins before, but didn't care for them. The kind I found at TJ's I haven't saw anywhere else....maybe b/c I just haven't paid attention, but who knows...? This particular Atkins bar caught my eyes because I LOVE chewy granola bars, but obviously they aren't the best option for post WLS peeps or anyone trying to lose weight for that matter.  The Atkins bar that I found is called Chocolate Chip Granola Bar...hmmm, wonder why I thought I'd like it...?!?!?! :-)  Still hesitant, I picked up just one. The stats are good for a protein bar...1g sugar and 17g protein!  It does have 200 calories per bar, but it's on my program's approved list, so I am okay with that!  The great thing about protein bars is that you don't HAVE to eat the whole thing at once.  You can cut them into pieces and use the small pieces to snack on..!  WIN! 

The Think Thin bar that caught my eye was the White Chocolate Chip!  I love chocolate, but I am a total sucker for white chocolate.  Total.  So, I grabbed one of those too. It has good stats as well....0 sugar and 20g of protein!  Again, kinda high on the calories at 230, but also on my approved list, so I am good!  I checked out and went to my truck to leave.  Before I pulled away, I decided to crack them open and try a bite of each of them to see if I liked them...and I FELL IN LOVE!  I am telling you they taste like candy bars!  They both have all of the flavors and textures I love...crunchy, chewy, salty, and sweet!  I went back in and got me a nice stock of them...I got 6 more of the Atkins Chocolate Chip Granola Bars and I got 8 more of the Think Thin bars....2 brownie crunch, 2 creamy PB, 2 crunchy PB, and 2 more of the White Chocolate Chip!

I am going to keep some at home, some in my truck, some at work...they are gonna be awesome when I get sweet tooth attacks! 

So, in a nutshell my trip to TJ's was quite a success! I will probably be going back!

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