Saturday, January 8, 2011

A little of this, a little of that...emotions & exercise

Seriously, I am having the worst emotional episode yet since having surgery.  I have had my fair share of ups and downs, but lately it has been RUFF!  I am exhausting myself, but I cant seem to get out of it.  For the past few weeks I have been sad about everything.  The other day I cried over something so stupid, I cant even remember what it was...I remember thinking to myself, WHY THE EFF am I crying about this?, but the tears were just flowing.  Something on TV, I just don't remember what...I do know that on a normal day I wouldn't be crying about anything on tv...and I cried when the Colts lost a game a few weeks ago...geesh.  I know the cause of part of it.  How can I put this..?  Um, ...breaking up is hard to do.  My ex and I broke up just before Thanksgiving and for some reason it's really been hitting me hard over the past few weeks.  We're still friends, but I really wish we could have made things work b/c I still care for him.  I am just becoming more and more convinced that love and relationships just aren't for me.  Relationships have never been "normal" (whatever that means) for me and they're all different after WLS...or at least that's what I've read and heard... Maybe I will just be one of the women that never know...  Either way I just wish I had an off switch for all these emotions, cuz I would turn them off right now and be DONE!  I also miss my mom, a lot.  She died over 7 years ago when I was only 20 and life without a mom is not easy.  Every time I need advice about something and I want to turn to my mom, I am quickly reminded that I can't. It's not fair.  I've also been having a lot of emotionally challenging issues at work.  So, everything combined is just too much.  I know these emotional roller coasters are part of the journey, but my goodness, does it ever end?  I sure hope this one passes soon cuz I cant take much more....seriously.

Moving on....

Now that I have vented about that...allow me to talk about the importance of exercising. IT IS A MUST!!!!  For anyone who wants to lose weight, not just post WLS peeps. Exercise is a critical part of losing weight and keeping it off.  There are so many forms of exercise out there too.  Running, walking, dancing, biking, weight training, water aerobics, etc.  Virtually any form of movement will help keep you active, therefore keep you burning fat and calories...therefore, losing weight!  So, get up and move people!  I do lots of cardio at the gym, strength training, water aerobics, walking, and some biking in the summer.  I am going to start branching out and doing some classes at my new gym....spinning and Zumba are at the top of my list.  This summer, I want to get into hiking!

Speaking of new gym...I just joined Gold's Gym in December.  I was at Cardinal for the past year or so, but needed something different.  Not just for a change of scenery, but also needed a gym with better hours.  Gold's has given me both.  So, anyway.  Something that I have noticed about Gold's that is different from Cardinal is that kids can workout too! I think that is awesome!  I haven't seen little kids, they've all been about 12 or older I'd say.  It is SO inspirational to watch them workout~!  It made me think about my childhood.  I NEVER stepped foot into a gym as a child---never thought I could and, more importantly, I never had anyone teach me the importance of working out and being active.  It made me think of how important it is to teach kids about being active.  I WISH someone would've taught me, maybe I wouldn't have ended up morbidly obese at the age of 26...

So, those of you who have kids, get them moving.  Get them active. Include them in your weight loss journey, in your exercise plan--don't exclude them and don't use them as an excuse to NOT can be done---you just have to find a way to make it work! :-)

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