Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taco night~!

For the past week or so I've had a craving for Mexican.  I thought about makin my chicken enchiladas again, but wanted something beefy.  So, I decided to stop at the store tonight to pick up a few things to make tacos.

Nuttin too special about this recipe, just the basic taco ingredients.  I am sure you all have your fave taco recipes, but I'll share mine---just for the fun of it.  :-)

1 lb extra lean hamburger (I use 93/7)
cooking spray
taco seasoning (as much or as little as you want)
mission low carb wheat tortilla(s) (my first time trying these and they are GOOD ya'll)
whole grain crunchy taco shell(s)
fat free re-fried beans
shredded lettuce
diced tomatoes
light sour cream (I upgraded from fat free to light because I have to eat MORE calories in a day now b/c apparently I am not eating enough to lose weight...crazy, I know...and the thought of eating more scares the SHIT outta me, but all thats comin in a separate post coming soon....wait, where was I?  Oh, now back to the tacos)...
shredded cheese
taco sauce
Sumthin always misses the pic....this time it was the taco seasoning & the cookin spray...! Geesh!
but you get the idea....right?  LOL

Spray skillet with cooking spray.  Brown hamburger.  As it's cooking add bits of the taco seasoning and stir it in.  Keep doing that thru the whole meat cooking process...I find that when you cook the taco seasoning into the meat as its cooking, instead of waiting to put it all in once the meat is done, you get a deeper taco flavor in the meat~!  Once the meat is fully cooked add the remaining taco seasoning and stir it in and cook for another 5-7 minutes on low heat.  I do not add any water to my taco meat even tho the seasoning mix says too...again, more taco flavor in the meat this way.  When the meat is done, it'll look a lil sumthin like this...

Assembly:  Anyone know the double decker taco at Taco Bell?  Yes...?  Okay.  Pre-op that was one of my faves from the TB menu.  I like the soft and the crunchy shells it a little sumthin extra~!  So, when I make tacos at home, I follow the same idea, just with far far far less calories and fat grams.

Take the tortilla and shell and nuke em for about 20 seconds.  Then, nuke a couple tablespoons of the ff beans.  Spread the heated beans onto the tortilla.  Wrap it around the crunchy taco shell, using the beans as the "glue" to hold them together.  I had to trim some of the tortilla off b/c it was bigger than the crunchy shell. Then, assemble the rest of your taco in whatever way your heart desires! 

Mine was...tortilla, beans, crunchy shell, cheese, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, light sour cream, taco sauce.  YUM. 
Yummy goodness on a plate!  Mexican craving taken care of~!!!

Anyway you make em, tacos are good!

So, till next time....

Lots of Love,


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